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    During my jobs I realized that organizations that had a firm design and planning methodologies (which I didn't like then) had greater success in providing better products in a shorter time to market.


    I research , lecture and escort companies in implementing System Engineering and Project Management methods. Below you can download some of my research areas that I believe can help companies in their projects.

Employee Empowerment  
      One of the main issues in a project is to enable the team member to provide useful knowledge during the project in order to improve the process.

   Using this method provides a clear definition to the team member as he knows what he needs to start with, what to do and more important what to provide at the end of the process.

    The method provides a simple communication map who is the provider and who is the client (support ISO 9000 requirements). The team member can evaluate his risks and duration as well as plan the required quality assurance process

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Stress Reduction  

   During project stages the team members are under heavy stress that are triggered by the need to cope with time to complete the task, quality issues and reporting. In short short of time or poor planning that might lead to poor phase estimations.

   The traditional method defines that the teams themselves should defines the tasks and their intervals. There is still a problem with this method that at the planning stage not every body knows what they are going to do and their estimations are base on a high uncertainty which put the employee to stress starting from the planning stage.

   InPrO enables the employee to balance his work and analyze risks before they occur.


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Multi Engineering Project Management  

    During the years projects evolved to be a multi-disciplinary mission. Even the simple project encapsulates a variety of knowledge domains. To cope with requirements, design and planning a product of this complexity the development team must use methods that are able to cope well with many design domains, interfaces between different infrastructure, alternative evaluations and test plans.

    The traditional routine to deal with such projects is to break down the project using Work Breakdown Structure to smaller Working Packages. Each Working Packages is based on specific wisdom category with specific team assigned to design and develop the Working Packages. At this stage the product manager usually play a role of supervisor rather than an active decisions making that can see the overall system requirements and the component level including; risks, alternative, logistics, implementation and cost implications.

    The results are chunks of the system where every one of them by itself is design perfectly but when you come to integrate complete system one may find some issues that are not assembled together well.

    To start coping with such an issue one have to define well the interface methods, documentation and tests


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Cross Organization Management

    We usually tend to see the Gantt chart as a planning and tracking tool. My Gant chart present a matrix organization load including advanced information such as risk levels, future cost and recourses load on the same chart.

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Multidisciplinary Project Design, Plan and Manage
  FAST SMART is an encapsulating process for improved development projects.

    FAST - Functional Analysis System Technique (FAST) is a method for companies that deals with multidisciplinary design and planning a project.

    SMART is a Project Plan based on simple tasks that are well defined by the following characteristics: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time base project plan tasks.
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Matrix Recourse Management
      Many companies found that it is great practice to keep workers by mobile them from one project to another. Managing such organization requires that the information system will support such management where one of them changes every project.

   How to confront the Business/Project managers conflict.
   How to manage a matrix organization and attend skillfully the load balance issue and plan recourses utilization better and still, there are some cultural issues that should be attended using such culture.
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Dynamic Work Breakdown Structure DWBS
      Most of the Work Breakdown Structures are used just before the project task planning stage as a scope keeper. Modern perspective present more issues. Should the WBS be a Process or a product chart?

    Use the PBS, SBS, OBS and then construct the WBS for a better track and scope characterization.

More issues under the hood:

1. WBS is the last similar map display for projects in the firm
2. Dynamic WBS displays the project progress status for stockholder
3. Portfolio Recourses Allocation Management (PRAM) enables a better matrix management

   Using the DWBS and the PRAM enables a dynamic portfolio view of all the projects in the firm.
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Deliverable (rather then process) Project Plan and Manage  
      InPrO is a deliverable project management method. The methodology base on three main breaks:

- all what is needed to start the tasks

- define the process hoe to accomplish it (defined by SMART)

- the result of the process even if there is no complete unit or product a document is sufficient.

    It encourage employees to talk about deliverables rather then the person that produce it. I changes than conversion from how is doing the task to what we accomplished and in what quality.

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