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Updated: March 20,2018

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Structure (WBS) Template using WBS Planner

Projects Methods and Organization Characterization

Tree Charts


Product Breakdown Structure PBS

Cost Breakdown Structure CBS

Organization Breakdown Structure OBS

Stage Breakdown Structure SBS

Work Breakdown Structure WBS

Normalization of the Work Breakdown Structure

Dynamic Work Breakdown Structure
DWBS or Dynamic WBS

Dynamic Work Breakdown Methods

Recourse Allocation Matrix RAM

Portfolio Recourse Allocation Matrix PRAM

Risk Evaluation

Alternative (design & performing)

Logistics Consideration

Tests Plans

FAST InPrO Introduction

FAST InPrO Overview

FAST InPrO Requirements

FAST InPrO System Requirements Specifications

FAST InPrO System Concept

FAST InPrO Detailed Design

FAST InPrO Work Breakdowns Structure

FAST InPrO Project Plan

FAST InPrO Risk Management

FAST InPrO Tracking and Control

FAST InPrO Failure Handling


Executive Summary

Workshop: Methods and Tools 2 days


    Dynamic Work Inspection Breakdown Structure (rather than a single Work breakdown Structure WBS). DWBS is a straight forward step by step method to develop a better project plan.

    The method directs the project manger how to set an improved project plan based on the organization capabilities. The information gathered utilizing the method can be used for other projects as well. The method binds all System engineering means to implement a constant improvement and a fast learning curve from one project to another.
    A major issue is to show a real status of the project plan on the Gantt chart but as well as on the Contract Breakdown Structure as a decision support system tool, enabling a fact powered by company history to present the best alternative to cope with the situation.
    Method Advantages
    Manage Multidisciplinary Projects
    Enables a manager that with no in depth engineering knowledge of a multidisciplinary system technology, to plan the project plan by asking the right questions seeking for the best system solution.
    Working Template
    Creates a working template that can be reused for new projects, enabling compression between similar projects.
    Step by Step guidance
    A complete guided process step by step that guides the project manager with what and how to cope with the new era requirements.
    Immediate Access and Activation
    The methods are implemented using our web on line tools that can be implemented instantly.

    Portfolio Management
    Multiplies project management in the firm
    Supports multidisciplinary project planning capabilities
    Risk Assessments
    Alternative Inspection
    Test Strategy and Tactics
    Logistics Consideration
    Quality Issues
    Improvements Process
    Communication Management
    ISO support

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