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WBS planner
Online Chart
WBS Planner chart

Suitable for:
  The best solution to simplify a complex problem in a chart and share it.

Plan by breaking your project to smaller work packages
Define your overall Work Breakdown Structure display
Get an immediate complete display to get a better view of the cost
Share your plan and review with others

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Pro Personal
for individual use
WBS dictionary management.
Budget and Actual management

Suitable for:  Every one who wants to plane and perform their projects better.

Set each work package cost, details and see your total expected cost
Analysis planning vs. real performance and prepare accordingly
Be up-to-date with your project status/cost online
Track and manage your project and get ready for the changes
Your contractor updates the status and you can track it online

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Pro Plus

Manage Multi
Projects WBS

Best Value
Manages project using the Work Breakdown Structures to see the overall process, with rich dictionary for every Work Package. Enables planning budget planning and tracking by both provider(performing contractor)  and receptions (customer - free) for better communication and budget tracking.

Suitable for:
  Multi projects managers whishing to advance and improve customers satisfaction.
Planning, using predefined templates
Great view of the project overall process, activities and cost
Great online interface with the client (free no fee) increasing satisfaction
Rich supporting data you need to do the job well
Gain better reputation by showing risk management
Expandable up to 150 projects (customer is free of charge)
No commitment or high-cost purchase
Document Management System to handle all your papaers
Meeting Summary to keep all your discussion handy 

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  Premium Solutions  
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Premium Basic Premium Enterprise Premium Enterprise Plus
Managing multi projects using Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt charts for better tasks tracking and control. Simple to use by all the team members.

Suitable for:  Small business directing up to 50 employees developing number of projects at the same time.
Displays and Manages projects using Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt chart
Utilizes InPrO methods for better quality and ISO compliances.

Suitable for:  Productive companies that have to cope with tight, competitive quality and scheduling on a daily basis.
Manages the whole project documents and meetings as well as requirements. Available as a service over our servers (SSL enabled) or installed on the firm servers.

Suitable for:
  Encapsulating method and tools to cope with modern standards and highly competitive market needs.

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