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Plan - Free! no registration required

Set your Work Breakdown Structure by writing the packages titles in the text box.

For a sub package use the TAB key and click update or ALT + U to get your chart online!

Save your work so you can work using WBS Outline Code Text  for further use later on

wbsplanner.com tool enables partial view of your WBS chart for large charts.

You can share your WBS with others using simple email!
Send them the WBS Outline Code Text and the link www.wbsplanner.com and that is it!

Free converter from WBS outline code base to TAB base using converter page.

Powerful display, to present any hierarchal chart in minutes!

Build your WBS in minutes and export it to Microsoft MSProject. button on the top right.


  • Child Package - TAB key to indent

  • Father Package - Left outdent

  • ALT + U – Update Display

  • To get your WBS Outline Code Text, Click on the line
    "To get your Work Breakdown Structure outline with  WBS code..." at the bottom of the page.

  • Scroll down to see your WBS Outline Code Text which will appear at the bottom of the page.
    Mark the text and copy it to any text editor or simply to your email message.

  • Next time you can copy the WBS Outline Code Text to the text editor in the wbsplanner.com tool or register and the system will keep it for you.

  • Display part of your chart, copy the part of your WBS Outline Code Text (including the WBS code) and the project title and past it into the wbsplanner.com text editor tool. Click the update to get the chart on your screen.

  • To convert your WBS Outline Code Text from WBS code form to simple TAB base chart for more updates use this converter page. Copy your WBS outline with code, click to convert and you can copy your WBS outline text to continue editing your WBS chart using TAB's.


WBS Outline TAB Base

My Project
    Detail Design
    Project Plan

WBS Outline Code Text

0;My Project
1.3;Detail Design
2.2;Project Plan

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Build - Free! requires registration

Finalize your Work Breakdown Structure titles.

Insert your WBS details info, into our WBS Dictionary. Analyze your budget according to a hierarchal view, evaluate risks and get detailed reports.

We recommend setting your WBS outline in the Plan Mode and only when finished the tree completely, go into Manage phase for package dictionary details.

  • ALT + U – save your Work Packages title and present it Add, Update and Delete by typing the package title in a text box

Manage Mode - establish package dictionary info

  • ALT + S – save your WBS dictionary info and present it Right click for tree menu: Add Sub, Add Co and Delete

Using ALT + S first time, will change your phase from Plan Mode to Build Mode.


     Click to Enlarge
Manage - Free! requires registration

Update your status and expenses.

Track your progress and budget. Explore your overall project status in at a glance and assess your standing and alternative.

  • ALT + S – save your WBS dictionary info and present it

  • Right click on a node for tree menu: Add Sub, Add Co and Delete

Share your reports with others!



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